Orders made on or after May 28, 2018 will not ship until June 13, 2018.

Submit to Bigmouth

So, you've read Bigmouth's guidelines for submitting work, and understand our terms. Yay! Please e-mail the following information to leila@bigmouthcomix.com.

  • A brief bio (150 words max).​
  • Links to any relevant social media, portfolio websites, etc.
  • A list of all the works you would like Bigmouth to distro (no more than 5) including the following information for each: Title, dimensions, suggested retail price, page count (if applicable), brief synopsis or description, a photo or PDF of each work.

Once your work has been submitted, it could take up to two weeks for Bigmouth to decide whether or not we want to carry it. We will e-mail you our decision and, if you are accepted, we will send along further instructions for mailing us your work. We reserve the right to decline to carry your work for any reason.