Orders made on or after May 28, 2018 will not ship until June 13, 2018.


If Bigmouth chooses to distro your work, that means that we will help distribute it around North America. We will vend your work on a consignment basis in our online shop, at expos and fairs where self-published work can be sold, and to bookstores or other businesses that carry zines, comics, and other self-published materials. 

60% of our distro sales go to the artist, and 40% go back into the distro to cover our operating and press expenses!

Bigmouth Consignment Terms

  1. If we agree to distro your work, Bigmouth will carry your zines, mini comics, prints, or other products on a consignment basis.
  2. ​Works carried on a consignment basis will be sold in our online store, at expos and fairs, and to businesses that carry zines and other self-published materials.
  3. Bigmouth will reimburse artists for the cost of shipping their work, provided that the artist submits a receipt via email within 30 days of shipping.
  4. If your zine, comic, or print sells out or stock is running low, Bigmouth may request to restock. In the case that we agree to restock, Bigmouth will send the artist a new Consignment or Wholesale Form.
  5. If Bigmouth chooses to sell your work at a discounted price, discount will be taken out of Bigmouth’s return, not the artist’s.
  6. Bigmouth will pay you for your works as they sell, on a quarterly basis. Payments will be made on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Payments will be made via check for U.S.-based artists, and via Paypal (or Western Union in countries where PayPal is not available) for overseas artists.
  7. When Bigmouth sells your work directly, we will pay you 60% of the retail price for your materials.
  8. When Bigmouth sells your work through another business or store, we will pay you 40% of the retail price for your materials.
  9. Artists can request a return of their work and cancellation of consignment at any time for up to a year from the date that the work is received. If work is returned, Bigmouth will cover the cost of shipping.