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Bigmouth Updates!

April 18, 2017

Due to several technical problems we were having with the old website, Bigmouth has moved over to this new and improved site! Errors that customers were having with shipping prices should be solved in the new system. We wanted to share with you a few more updates related to our big move...

New Blog

Our blog has now moved and will live here, on bigmouthcomix.com/blog
You can subscribe to the RSS feed for updates. And of course, you can always see old blog posts on the original Tumblr.

Illustration by Kawtar

New Team Member

Moroccan-American comix artist and illustrator Kawtar Azzouzi has joined Bigmouth as Leila's studio assistant! Kawtar will be helping to find artists, write blog posts, conduct interviews, ship orders, and assist with all the other day-to-day operations and needs of the distro!

Kawtar is an incredible artist in her own right. You can view some of her stunning, black and white tattoo-inspired illustrations on her Instagram @kawtar.

Arabic Translations

We are slowly but surely getting some content translated into Arabic. We can also use translations into other languages spoken in AMEMSA countries, so if you or somebody you know wants to help translate pages, particularly our terms and conditions, we could use the help. Most importantly, our Press Terms are now available in Arabic so that Middle Eastern artists can feel confident in choosing to have Bigmouth print and distro their work.

Tabling at Chicago Zine Fest

Bigmouth will be tabling at CZF come May! CZF is is a celebration of small press and independent publishers, with free workshops, events, and an annual festival. It will bring together artists from around the U.S. CZF will be held May 5-6, 2017 at Plumber's Union Hall in Chicago. Bigmouth will be located at table F07. Come visit us!

Guests from London: OOMK!

The brilliant women behind One of My Kind (OOMK) Zine are here in Chicago! They will be visiting for two weeks, participating in an exchange/residency with the Logan Center at the University of Chicago. Bigmouth is hosting a zinesters' meet & greet with them on April 9. But if you can't make it, don't worry--you can also join OOMK and Leila Abdelrazaq, along with Sheika Lugtu of the Ladydrawers, for a panel discussion on self-publishing for activism on April 13.


What is Bigmouth?

Bigmouth is a blog and distro project uplifting the work of women, femmes, and non-binary illustrators and comix creators from AMEMSA (African, Middle East, Muslim, South Asian) countries and their diasporas.

Got Suggestions?

If you know of an artist you think should be featured, let us know!

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