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Malaka Gharib

June 1, 2017

Malaka Gharib is an Egyptian-Filipino-American illustrator, comic book artist, and writer for NPR’s Goat and Sodas. Her short comic series, “I was their American Dream,” depicts various aspects of being a first-generation Egyptian-Filipino-American. Her comic memoirs document trips to Egypt as a child, and her upbringing at a “white school so you can learn from them. Eat like them. Dress Like Them. Because when you graduate, that’s what you have to be”.

Malaka’s comics are packed with patterns, color, chaos, and beautiful memories that create a longing as if they were your own. She also runs The Runcible Spoon, a zine about food and fantasy, created “The Little Filipino Food Coloring Book,” and organized D.C’s first art book fair with a collective of women artists. Check out all that she does on her Tumblr & Instagram

What was it like spending my childhood summers in Egypt? Surreal, frenetic, high-energy. Even though I’d been so many times it was always a bit of a culture shock coming from suburban California. Egyptians are loud, fast-talkers; making jokes,...


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