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Karen Keyrouz

June 1, 2017

Karen Keyrouz is a Lebanese illustrator, comic maker and fine artist. She uses pencil, ink and escapism to create highly emotive comics. Her story-telling utilizes the mundanity of the every-day as a vessel to portray the complex human experience. From panel to panel we are allowed insight into her character’s emotional trajectory in that moment. Whether their eyes are glazed over and lost in thought while in a moving car, or laying in bed motionless, she illustrates delicately the vastness of what lies beneath the physical. The textures, creation of movement and blurred out figures in her panels translate lost memories and passing feelings to a visual realm that allows you to reel back alongside these emotionally distraught characters as they move through lost memories, pine as they lament of their existential feelings, and empathize as the escapist within you emerges. Quitter le monde!


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