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Carta Monir

January 24, 2018

Carta Monir is a Persian-American comics artist, illustrator, and podcast host. Her comics are characterized by imagery and metaphors related to technology, which she integrates into scenes of everyday life. In doing so, Carta creates an alternate universe within her work--one that is, while in some ways seemingly futuristic and dystopian, actually probably closer to our lived reality as a society that is highly dependent on tiny pocket computers. It’s “slice of life” where that life is full of pop up windows, video game characters, and where reality itself threatens to glitch out and disintegrate completely at any moment.

While Carta’s older work tends to focus more on technology’s intersection with sexuality and human relationships, her more recent work also brings in issues of queerness, disability, loss, the trials and tribulations of working at a call center, and the multiple, complicated ways that all of these themes intersect. For instance, her biographical comic “Passing,” published on The Nib, explores how being a disabled trans woman impacts the way she navigates a variety of situations that might otherwise seem mundane. All the while, Carta’s use of technological references and imagery woven throughout her storytelling adds an additional layer through which the reader can understand her experiences. Her storytelling is exceptionally personal, honest, and multi-layered.

See more of Carta’s work on her website, and support her work on Patreon, or maybe just buy her a coffee. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram @cartamonir, where she posts her drawings, selfies, and other quality material.


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