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Anna Benarrosh-Orsoni

June 1, 2017
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Anna Benarrosh-Orsoni is a French-Moroccan graphic designer and illustrator. Her inclusion of traditional Arab patterns, body-positive messages, and strong female figures is refreshing, and while combining hip hop imagery, animated twerking gifs of booty-licious women, and Arab imagery may seem unexpected to some, but Benarrosh-Ostroni does so effortlessly. Her use of bold patterns, thick black contour line work, and often sexually graphic imagery make for an unapologetic, in-your-face aesthetic. She doesn’t shy away from the political, and also self-published a 300-page book against American police violence in support of the movement for Black lives. Check out her work on Instagram @RoshBena, follow her Facebook art page, and check out her Tumblr http://roshbena.tumblr.com/


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