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Alaa Musa's Slice-of-Life Comics

March 5, 2018

This week, we’re loving the work of Alaa Musa!

Image from a doctors' strike at Sudanese hospitals in 2016.

Alaa is a Sudanese illustrator and comics artist based in Khartoum. She does both digital and hand-drawn work, often using either a minimal and subdued color palette or water colors when she’s not working in black and white.

Her comics and life drawings, which she posts to her Twitter and Instagram, are ‘slice of life’ pieces, based on real things that happen to her throughout the day, from the trials and tribulations of working in a hospital, to dreams she’s had recently, and even books she’s been reading.

Reflective of her everyday life, the comics are bilingual, just like her, switching in between Arabic and English.

Whether drawing portraits, comics, or still lifes, Alaa always manages to capture raw emotional qualities in her work. In it, we can feel her excitement and nervousness, determination or frustration, exhaustion or boredom. She also has an excellent design and layout sensibility, creating stunning one-off images.

Follow Alaa on Twitter for more (beautifully illustrated) outtakes of her daily life at @generalblacko, on Instagram @general_blacko, and check out her DeviantArt while you’re at it!


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