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Resist Orientalism:
2018 Poster Contest

Bigmouth Press & Comix is excited to announce our first annual poster contest! 

We have extended our deadline to April 20!

Winners will receive $100 for their design, and the poster will be screen printed and sold by Bigmouth. The theme is “Resisting Orientalism.”

Today, people from the AMEMSA region are often faced by either blatant bigotry or patronizing belittlement, especially in the case of women and queer people, who are often portrayed as  victims incapable of defending or speaking for ourselves. These ideas are rooted in orientalist perceptions of who and what we are. Such orientalist ideas are then used to justify all kinds of violence, from individual instances of bigoted violence, to large-scale, state-sponsored wars and occupations against our people.

Bigmouth seeks to challenge these tropes by publishing and distributing stories and art by women and non-binary people from across the AMEMSA region and its diaspora(s). Your poster design should reflect and embody your own resistance to Orientalism in some way.


Between 2-3 winners will be selected by a panel of artists. All artists will be notified by April 20 of whether or not their poster has been selected.
Winners will receive $100 and copies of all the winning posters.


Merieme Mesfioui (Durgamaya) is a Moroccan illustrator, graphic designer, and comic author based in France. Her work combines traditional Moroccan patterns and elements from Islamic art with graphic design and an erotic touch. She is seeking more freedom for women in the Arab world, her strong erotic art expressing female empowerment. She is also the co-founder of SPIN OFF, an underground comics festival based in Angoulême, France, and the founder of HALAL Fanzine.

Hoda Katebi is a Chicago-based Muslim-Iranian abolitionist, author, community organizer, and radical fashion blogger. In 2013 she started JooJoo Azad, a radical, anti-capitalist fashion blog that has been hailed from BBC to Mother Jones. In 2016 Hoda published the book Tehran Streetstyle, the first-ever in-print collection of streetstyle photography from Iran aimed to challenge both Western Orientalism and domestic Iranian mandatory dress codes. She is a member of the For the People Artist Collective.

Moshtari Hilal studied Middle-Eastern-Studies and politics in Hamburg and focused on postcolonial theory and feminist intellectual history. Her drawings exist in between complex documentary and surreal symbolism, as well as in between theory and therapeutic detailed pattern work, while embodying analogue handwork exposed on digital platforms. Her work has been on display in Germany, Afghanistan, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Canada and was also printed in local and transnational publications as The Carton, OOMK, Missy Magazine, das Kursbuch, Das Wetter.